WRC 048

WRC 048

WRC 048


Plastic Design of Pinned-Base Gable Frames

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R.L. Ketter

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Present day analysis and design of continuous structures as defined by specifications and design codes are based on an assumed elastic behavior of the structure.

The criterion of the design in most cases is the attainment of an allowable extreme fiber stress.

While a design that results from using such a procedure will be safe, the actual degree of safety is unknown and may vary between extreme limits.

Recently, a different type of analysis based on the maximum carrying capacity of a structure as a whole has É??come of age.É?ù

This new procedure known as É??plastic analysisÉ?ù or É??plastic designÉ??É?? gives a clearer insight into the actual strength of structures and therefore promises a more economic usage of materials.

It should also be noted that the procedure is rational and has proved to be time saving.

After listing the basic assumptions of plastic analysis, this paper presents a method whereby complex multiple span, pinned-base, gable frames can be readily designed.

Several design examples are carried out.

The problem of economy in main member is also discussed and procedures are presented whereby the design of a É??least weightÉ?ù structure can be approached.



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