WRC 556

WRC 556

WRC 556


Repair Manual for Coke Drums

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J.E. Sims, D.J. Chronister, M. Prager, Ph.D., D.A. Osage, ASME Fellow, P.E.

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WRC Bulletin 556 Repair Manual for Coke Drums is a document to help refinery maintenance and project engineers write specific and detailed work instructions for repairing coke drums.  The document includes drum inspection methods and protocol.  It also discusses clad steels and alloys and welding filler metals for drum construction as well as clad plate procurement and fabrication.  The manual includes a description of welding processes used for coke drum repair, plus the need for preheat and post weld heat treatment.  There is a section on repair welding procedures which may sometimes eliminate the need for post weld heat treatment.  Finally, there are 18 detailed, step-by-step repair procedures that cover the most-common coke drum damage mechanisms and repair scenarios.  



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