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WRC 584

WRC 584


Overview of API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 With an Emphasis on Data and Inspection Requirements

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B.R. Macejko, P.E., D.A. Osage, ASME Fellow, P.E.

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API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 is the industry recognized standard for Fitness-For-Service (FFS).  An overview of the Fitness-For-Service Procedures in API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 with an emphasis on data and inspection requirements is described in this publication as well as the in-service inspection Codes and Standards (API 510, API 570, API 653 and NBIC).  Inspection requirements in the context of API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 pertain to sizing of flaws and damage as opposed to detection.  The sizing requirements vary based on the types of flaws and damage that are found during an inspection and are fully described in this publication to facilitate data gathering requirements prior to a Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessment.  This Bulletin also provides a summary of the typical data necessary to perform an  assessment.  Additional data requirements may be necessary on a case-by-case basis.



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